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So, hum, bash…

So, I guess you heard about the latest bash hole. What baffles me is that the following still is allowed: env echo='() { xterm;}’ bash -c “echo this is a test” Interesting replacements for “echo“, “xterm” and “echo this is a test” are left as an exercise to the reader. Update: Another thing that bugs […]

2014-09-25 09:43:14+0200

p.d.o, p.m.o | 8 Comments »

Firefox and Gtk+ 3

Folks from Collabora and Red Hat have been working on making Firefox on Gtk+ 3 a thing. See Emilio’s blog post for some recent update. But getting Firefox to build and run locally is unfortunately not the whole story. I’ve been working on getting Gtk+ 3 Firefox builds going on Mozilla build infrastructure, and I’m […]

2014-07-02 08:24:25+0200

p.d.o, p.m.o | 4 Comments »