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Dogfooding Firefox GTK+3

Thanks to Lee Salzman, the state of GTK+3 support in Firefox got better. Unit tests went from looking like this: To looking like this: There’s obviously some work left to make those look even better, but we’ve come a long way. Ludovic Hirlimann recently asked if there were builds to dogfood and that prompted me […]

2015-05-25 03:37:37+0200

p.m.o | 3 Comments »

Gnome shell Hello world

Gnome Shell, besides providing the main user interface for GNOME 3, is a Javascript shell with bindings to many native interfaces that allow e.g. Window manipulation, graphics rendering and animations, compositing, etc. It also allows developers to write extensions changing Gnome Shell’s behavior. Less known is that it is possible to replace the entire Javascript […]

2015-05-04 04:10:17+0200

miscellaneous, p.d.o | 1 Comment »