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Firefox and Gtk+ 3

Folks from Collabora and Red Hat have been working on making Firefox on Gtk+ 3 a thing. See Emilio’s blog post for some recent update. But getting Firefox to build and run locally is unfortunately not the whole story. I’ve been working on getting Gtk+ 3 Firefox builds going on Mozilla build infrastructure, and I’m […]

2014-07-02 08:24:25+0200

p.d.o, p.m.o | 5 Comments »

FileVault 2 + Mavericks upgrade = massive FAIL

Today, since I was using my Macbook Pro, I figured I’d upgrade OS X. Haha. What a mistake. So. My Macbook Pro was running Mountain Lion with FileVault 2 enabled. Before that, it was running Lion, and if my recollection is correct, it was using FileVault 2 as well, so the upgrade to Mountain Lion […]

2014-06-04 11:48:24+0200

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