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Firefox nightlies for Linux are now using Gtk+3

As of last nightly (2015-07-23), Firefox for Linux is using Gtk+3 instead of Gtk+2. Thanks to the recent efforts of Andrew Comminos, all remaining test failures are gone and mozilla-central now defaults to Gtk+3 builds. Some jobs on treeherder are still not converted, but this will come soon (bug 1186748). If you’ve been using elm […]

2015-07-24 02:25:37+0100

p.m.o | 2 Comments »

PSA: mach now stores its log automatically

It’s been a frustration for a long time: oftentimes, you need to dig the log of the build or test run you just did, but didn’t redirect it. When you have enough backlog in your terminal, that can work itself out, but usually, what happens is that you rerun the command, redirecting it to a […]

2015-06-10 06:01:13+0100

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