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Building a Firefox Debian package

It’s actually been possible for some time, but I made that simpler recently, and I figured I should mention it. Grab the iceweasel source $ apt-get source iceweasel Install its build dependencies $ apt-get build-dep iceweasel Build it $ cd iceweasel-* $ PRODUCT_NAME=firefox dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

2014-11-11 11:26:38+0100

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No PIE for you!

You are a software vendor. You distribute software on multiple operating systems. Let’s say your software is a mildly popular internet browser. Let’s say its logo represents an animal and a globe. Now, because you care about the security of your users, let’s say you would like the entire address space of your application to […]

2014-10-03 18:00:03+0100

p.d.o, p.m.o | 8 Comments »