Announcing git-cinnabar 0.5.8

Git-cinnabar is a git remote helper to interact with mercurial repositories. It allows to clone, pull and push from/to mercurial remote repositories, using git.

Get it on github.

These release notes are also available on the git-cinnabar wiki.

What's new since 0.5.7?

  • Updated git to 2.34.0 for the helper.
  • Python 3.5 and newer are now officially supported. Git-cinnabar will try to
    use the python3 program by default, but will fallback to python2.7 if
    that's where the Mercurial libraries are available. It is possible to pick
    a specific python with the GIT_CINNABAR_PYTHON environment variable.
  • Fixed compatibility with Mercurial 5.8 and newer.
  • The prebuilt binaries are now optimized on arm64 macOS and Windows.
  • git cinnabar download now properly returns an error code when failing to
    extract the prebuilt binaries.
  • Pushing to a non-empty Mercurial repository without having pulled at least
    once from it is now prevented.
  • Replaced the nagging about fsck with a smaller check always happening after
  • Fail earlier on git fetch hg::url <sha1> (it would properly fetch the
    Mercurial changeset and its ancestors, but git would fail at the end because
    the sha1 is not a git sha1 ; use git cinnabar fetch instead)
  • Minor fixes.

2021-11-20 07:05:57+0900

cinnabar, p.m.o

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