5 years ago, Firefox (re)entered Debian

5 years ago today, I was declaring Iceweasel dead, and Firefox was making a come back in Debian. I hadn't planned to make this post, and in fact, I thought it had been much longer. But coincidentally, I was binge-watching Mr. Robot recently, which prominently featured Iceweasel.

iceweasel command in a terminal

Mr. Robot is set in the year 2015, and I was surprised that Iceweasel was being used, which led me to search for that post where I announced Firefox was back... and realizing that we were close to the 5 years mark. Well, we are at the 5 years mark now.

iceweasel start page

I'd normally say time flies, but it turns out it hasn't flown as much as I thought it did. I wonder if the interminable pandemic is to blame for that.

2021-03-10 15:16:02+0900

firefox, p.m.o

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4 Responses to “5 years ago, Firefox (re)entered Debian”

  1. highvoltage Says:

    Maybe they just wanted to show off that they were running Debian?

  2. glandium Says:

    They were using Kali Linux, a Debian derivative. There’s also an episode where Slackware made an appearance.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mr Robot looks interesting, but I have an irrational level of resentment towards it because it was an ill-considered marketing stunt involving Mr Robot that caused many people up lose trust in Mozilla. I still use and advocate Firefox, but that stunt made doing so much harder; people don’t forget incidents like that easily.

  4. JN Says:

    It would be ironic if they used it so they didn’t have to worry about getting permission to use the FF Trademark.

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