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Seems there's been a lot of talking about revision control systems on p.d.o, recently. I am no SCM guru, and until quite recently, all I knew was CVS and its drawbacks, main one being that you lose file history whenever you rename, or even worse, move, it.

Then a few years ago I tried out svn and I liked the way it used similar command lines as cvs, while giving me what I missed the most in CVS. But SVN has its drawbacks too.

A few weeks ago, I took a look to different distributed SCM solutions. I gave a try to tla and baz waaaaay too different from CVS and svn, bzr, looking very promising and amazingly simple, and svk, compatible with svn, and bringing a brand new world to svn users.

And I made my choice : svk. Its compatibility with svn made the conversion painless, I could just use my svn repositories without any modifications. And I can now track my local changes on alioth's svn repositories while offline. The fact that there's no .svn/CVS/whatever directory inside a checkout can also be quite useful. As a bonus, svk is a much faster than svn to handle a repository, which can seem odd, svn being written in C while svk in Perl and using parts of svn...

2005-12-14 11:10:23+0900

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