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git-cinnabar experimental features

Since version 0.4.0, git-cinnabar has a few hidden experimental features. Two of them are available in 0.4.0, and a third was recently added on the master branch. The basic mechanism to enable experimental features is to set a preference in the git configuration with a comma-separated list of features to enable, or all, for all […]

2017-04-02 07:54:58+0900

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Progress on git-cinnabar memory usage

This all started when I figured out that git-cinnabar was using crazy amounts of memory when cloning mozilla-central. That pointed to memory allocation patterns that triggered a suboptimal behavior in the glibc memory allocator, and, while overall, git-cinnabar wasn’t really abusing memory all things considered, it happened to be realloc()ating way too much. It also […]

2017-04-01 18:45:19+0900

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