Looking for a new project name for git-remote-hg

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve been working on a (fast) git remote helper to access mercurial without a local mercurial clone, with the main goal to make it work for Gecko developers.

The way git remote helpers work forces how their executable is named: For a foo:: remote prefix, the executable must be named git-remote-foo. So for hg::, it’s git-remote-hg.

As you may know, there already exists a project with that name. And when I picked the name for this new helper, I didn’t really care to find a separate name, especially considering its prototype nature.

Now that I’m satisfied enough with it that I’m close to release it with a version number (which will be 0.1.0), I’m thinking that the confusion with the other project with that name is not really helpful, and an unfortunate implementation detail.

So I’m looking for a new project name… and have no good idea.

Dear lazy web, do you have good ideas?

2015-02-03 11:07:01+0900

cinnabar, p.m.o

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15 Responses to “Looking for a new project name for git-remote-hg”

  1. glandium Says:

    A few things I had in mind to derive from, that are more or less related to mercury/mercurial:

    • amalgam
    • quicksilver
    • fickle
  2. Matěj Cepl Says:

    And of course there is even more https://github.com/felipec/git-remote-hg/ :)

    Why however, you don’t merge your work with the glandium one (which is IMHO the official git-remote-hg in the main git contrib/remote-helpers/ directory)?

  3. glob Says:

    azoth (alchemist term for mercury)

  4. Felipe Says:


  5. Robin Says:

    Some ideas:

    • yagrh (yet another git remote hg)
    • gitrhg
    • git-remote-hg-ng
    • hugit
    • achegee
    • hitgit
    • git-far-hg
  6. glandium Says:

    @Matěj: I guess you meant “why you don’t merge your work with the felipec one”, and the answer is that there’s so few overlap that it wouldn’t be worth (and there’s no actual git-remote-hg in contrib/remote-helpers anymore).

  7. Philipp Says:

    What about simply using git-remote-mercurial?

  8. Nathan Says:

    thallium (hg++)

  9. Steve Fink Says:

    I’ve never used your adapter and I don’t know how these git things work, but do you have to use hg::? git-remote-moz would be pretty simple, if it’s ok to switch to moz:: for stuff.

    I don’t know if it would ever be helpful to abstract out the protocol used to talk to the Mozilla source code repo. (eg moz:: figures out the canonical location for a given repo and uses either hg or git to talk to it.)

    Otherwise, there’s git-speak-hg, git-to-hg, git-over-hg, git-über-hg, git-suigin, or gihgt (hg in git).

  10. glandium Says:

    @sfink: it’s not Mozilla-specific, and I don’t want it to be. That said, a wrapper with a moz:: prefix could be useful.

  11. Beojan Says:

    The links in the above post go to github.com/glandium/git-remote-hg (now git-cinnabar), not felipec/git-remote-hg

  12. glandium Says:

    @Beojan: Fixed. Thanks.

  13. dalek Says:

    git-remote-hgh (h is for helper) ?

  14. Kathy Rose Says:

    why don’t you use the above mentioned name it’s good.

  15. Google Play Store Customer Service Says:

    The purpose or the intention of the project should reflect in its name. Thus the name of the project should define the content of it.

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