Plugin API for browsers

Reading about the future of the (now) Adobe Flash Player plugin for Linux on the Penguin.SWF blog, I came to the conclusion that the plugin API for browsers (NP Runtime) just sucks. Why on earth do a plugin need to depend on openssl, while the browser already deals with SSL and associated certificates. That also means plugins will deal very badly with client-side certificates. I guess plugins also have to implement HTTP requests themselves…

2006-10-01 15:48:02+0900


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3 Responses to “Plugin API for browsers”

  1. James Says: claims there’s a new plugin API … I can’t find any other details about it though.

  2. glandium Says:

    James: The new API is the NP Runtime I gave a link for…

  3. JanC Says:

    They don’t really need to implement this themselves (See the docs on the official Mozilla developer site: ), so they are using it for another reason…