On Ubuntu addresses for maintainers of Debian packages

Some rant, others don’t. I’m more with Zack, here, though there has been one @ubuntu maintainer that puzzled me: ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com.

I’m still wondering how I should be taking it.

2009-11-09 22:00:25+0900


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9 Responses to “On Ubuntu addresses for maintainers of Debian packages”

  1. Benjamin Says:

    mozilla-devscripts is maintained by the Ubuntu Mozillateam (at least by three members of this team). Do you have a good idea how to solve this “problem”?

  2. Sune Vuorela Says:

    At least, they are pretty bug free…

  3. glandium Says:

    Benjamin: join the Debian Mozilla team ?

  4. Simon C Says:

    I didn’t really get why you ‘re puzzled by this particular maintainer team ? Just curious… However, I’ve catched up this post through the Planet Debian, so I’m sorry if the answer to my question stands in your (pretty big) archives :)

  5. glandium Says:

    Simon C: an hint is in the third comment here.

  6. Selenia Says:

    I am really surprised the Debian people, who can be so smart, can be so petty. Ubuntu serves a different niche in the community, but they are both good distros. Maybe the person is an Ubuntu maintainer who thinks well enough of Debian to contribute to it what think might be useful for Debian. Isn’t that one of the things that makes FOSS great? Since Ubuntu is based off Debian, I call that respect for their roots. Debian is the first distro I avidly used. However, I use Ubuntu for Desktops I want to setup quickly. I use Debian for servers where it really matters to the load to have a lean install with stable components. I love the apt package management system. You can tear either of them apart and build them to your needs, like most Linux distros. That’s because they are Linux. Linux is the freedom to have so many great choices. Bickering between Linux camps has no point when their kernel has the same ideal. FOSS is about community contribution, even if they contribute to Ubuntu too. Make no mistake. Ubuntu is its native state is FOSS. It contains no commercial packages. It only provides an easy means to install them if you want them.

  7. Simon C Says:

    I think this problem is not here (in this particular post) that some guy uploaded with an @ubuntu address, but about a team. The problem is all different, because it means there’s a reflexion behind the action : if they say they are the Ubuntu Mozillateam, it can be interpreted as a way of saying they don’t wanna be in the Debian one. Am i correct ?

    @glandium : I guess you’re a member of the Debian Mozilla team… Okay, I totally get it !

  8. glandium Says:

    Simon C: better yet, I’m the active member of the Debian Mozilla team.

  9. Selenia Says:

    So what if they are the Ubuntu team? Debian is Linux. Linux is supported by the community, who come from all different places. What if the Ubuntu team announced who they are and gave Debian 10 very useful patches? Will Debian reject these community members’ contributions and move backwards because they are part of the Ubuntu team? it absolutely makes no sense. Even M$ was allowed to attempt to make drivers for the kernel by Linus himself. They were poorly coded but they helped some people. Is Debian going to listen to anti-Ubuntu rhetoric and act elitist when they should be listening to Linus because they are Linux? Debian has been a distro that long represented the spirit of Linux to me, in terms of design and development. I am actually disappointed in them. I understood their point of being mad about Etch back in the day, but this case is just ridiculous.

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