Iceweasel 3.5 pre-release packages available

It took less time I expected, but after making xulrunner 1.9.1 pre-release packages available, I'm making iceweasel 3.5 pre-release packages available:

As for xulrunner, some more work on these is required before they are ready to be uploaded to the Debian archive.

2009-07-04 11:59:22+0900


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28 Responses to “Iceweasel 3.5 pre-release packages available”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What kind of additional work do these packages require before uploading to Debian? Do you have a known issues list, or anything else that a potential tester of these packages might want to read before trying them?

  2. Andreas Says:

    I just found an XML Error in the Help->About window:

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://browser/content/aboutDialog.xul
    Line Number 40, Column 9: &logoCopyright;

  3. Mary Goodell Says:

    Thanks for the packages! I noticed the same about box issue, but it seems to be working fine, with 40-odd tabs open.

    I ended up installing:

  4. glandium Says:

    Anonymous: Mostly “administrative” work: copyright update, changelog update, some build rules editing, because some last minute hacks have not been scripted (most notably, the symbols list on i386 (and any arch where JIT is enabled) has an additional symbol), check that there is no missing file, check that the clean rule does the right thing, etc., and some git management as well, for iceweasel, which uses “feature branches” to store individual change sets, and for which I’m still wondering how to handle the various versions in lenny, unstable and experimental… I’ll probably do a followup post about that.

  5. Albert Says:

    Also: Thanks for these packages. I just installed them on amd64 and it works great!

  6. sobkas Says:

    I have a problem with new iceweasel package.
    When I try to watch ogv movie (like this: it starts in internal player.
    I have always used gecko-mediaplayer and I think that internal player should be only used for tag.
    xulrunner-1.9.1: 1.9.1-0
    iceweasel: 3.5-0

  7. glandium Says:

    sobkas: Unfortunately, this is a firefox feature.

  8. yonkeltron Says:

    Thank you so much for doing work on this as I’ve been dying to try 3.5 but it’s not even in Sid yet, afaik from here: How long till it filters down to testing?

  9. OppTupacShakur Says:

    hi, is there any chance to publish the source package?

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  12. rama Says:

    1 I have iceweasel-gnome-support 3.0.11-1, now, ¿ned I install 3.5 vertion? if this is necesary ¿where I can download?
    2 Spanish language packs for iceweasel 3.5 will get now?

    3 Date will be available for the 3.5 version of iceweasel in debian unstable or experimental repositories?


  13. tom Says:

    Iceweasel 3.5_0 AMD64 crashes when viewing one of the demo pages from, “35 days” category. The demo is this one:
    Sometimes the crash is after just opening the demo page, sometimes only after one moves cursor over one of the exemplary texts.

    I’ve also tested a vanilla FF3.5 compiled from sources (also for AMD64) and it works flawlessly there.

  14. Michael Ekstrand Says:

    Thanks for putting these up. They’re mostly working great for me.

    One slight glitch — when I open the web browser using exo-open –launch WebBrowser (in Xfce), it launches successfully but reports “Failed to execute default Web Browser. Input/output error.”. It worked correctly with the old Iceweasel. Sadly, I have not been able to get any real error output to understand what changed Iceweasel behavior is triggering this problem.

  15. bohwaz Says:

    Sadly, like the upstream release of firefox 3.5, video (like on is *very* slow on my debian box, same thing for audio.

    I don’t know why, but it’s very annoying for a “stable” release.

  16. glandium Says:

    tom: It doesn’t crash here. Please try to get a stack trace when it crashes for you (see instructions in /usr/share/bug/iceweasel/presubj)

  17. glandium Says:

    bohwaz: it works fine here. Do you happen to use a very old computer?

  18. bohwaz Says:

    Of course not !

    I tried on a P4 3GHz with 3GB of RAM and on my laptop (Pentium M 1,4GHz with 1GB of RAM). Both are using debian lenny+some testing packages with pulseaudio. I got the same bug with the upstream tar.bz2 package.

    I just tested using pasuspender and it’s better, so it seems that firefox has some trouble getting sound through pulseaudio. But even without pulseaudio, the first 5 seconds of each video or audio playing is choppy. Strange.

  19. tom Says:

    it’s very weird – I could reproduce the crash only when the was open in another tab (so when and the @font-face example page were open simultaneously). The error in console is:

    firefox-bin: /build/buildd/cairo-1.8.6/src/cairo-ft-font.c:554: _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_lock_face: Assertion `!unscaled->from_face’ failed.

    It happens even in the safe mode and with all add-ons disabled.

    Do you need some more information about this crash?

  20. glandium Says:

    tom: please get a stack trace with the instructions from /usr/share/bug/iceweasel/presubj. This is likely a cairo bug that is fixed in firefox itself, as it doesn’t use system cairo.

  21. Alex Says:

    Hello! What about source packages?

  22. tom Says:

    ok, I’ve got the backtrace:

  23. glandium Says:

    tom: Thanks. I was right, this is a cairo issue. Please also install libcairo2-dbg and get another backtrace, that will help track down where in cairo it crashes.

  24. tom Says:

    backtrace with cairo-dbg:

  25. glandium Says:

    tom: Can you try building cairo with this patch: ? Mmmm forget it, it seems to already be applied. Except if you are using an old libcairo2. Are you using the version from unstable ?

  26. tom Says:

    I have libcairo2_1.8.6-2+b1 from squeeze. Should I try the libcairo 1.8.8 from sid?

  27. glandium Says:

    tom: Yes, the mentioned patch was applied in either 1.8.7 or 1.8.8.

  28. tom Says:

    It seems that libcairo2_1.8.8 solves the problem – I cannot reproduce the crash anymore.