Using git to access mercurial repositories, without mercurial

If you've been following this blog, you know I've been working on a git remote helper that gives access to mercurial repositories, named git-cinnabar. So far, it has been using libraries from mercurial itself in order to talk to local or remote repositories.

That is, until today. The current master branch now has experimental support for direct access to remote mercurial repositories, without mercurial.

2016-05-10 17:45:35+0900

cinnabar, p.m.o

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3 Responses to “Using git to access mercurial repositories, without mercurial”

  1. Jonathan Watt Says:

    Sweet! It’s been good to see git-cinnabar steadily moving forwards. :)

  2. Axel Hecht Says:

    Wanted to ask about the opposite way, so why not here:

    Can someone on mercurial sanely pull a branch from someone working on a gecko-dev fork?

  3. glandium Says:

    Axel: Not without modifying hg-git to allow it, if you’re thinking about doing that “directly” (mercurial talking to git).

    Otherwise, you can with git-cinnabar, with some hassle (clone that gecko-dev based branch, graft your local clone of m-c, use git-cinnabar to push the gecko-dev based branch to your local clone of m-c)