Iceweasel ESR in squeeze-backports

In case this went unnoticed, Iceweasel ESR has been available in squeeze-backports for a few weeks, now. I highly recommend anyone using Iceweasel on the Debian stable release to upgrade to that version, at the very least. Even newer versions are available through the pkg-mozilla archive.

2012-06-02 11:33:08+0900


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9 Responses to “Iceweasel ESR in squeeze-backports”

  1. Mike Hommey: Iceweasel ESR in squeeze-backports | Says:

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  2. Philipp Kern Says:

    Somehow it’s sad that this cannot be made official.

  3. Cae Says: states that “.. Iceweasel 3.6 is not supported anymore, and you are strongly advised to update to esr or release” states that for Stable, Iceweasel version is at 3.5.16-15 [security]

    I’m confused. Is Debian Stable providing us unsupported packages?

    I count myself lucky to come across this blog but believes that not every new Debian user knows of this blog. Some isn’t even aware of backports.

    Anyway, thanks for providing Iceweasel updates.

  4. glandium Says:

    Cae: There used to be 3.6 packages on These are the ones that are unsupported. I changed the text to be a bit clearer. 3.5 is still supported and still receives security updates, but it’s still better to upgrade to something newer.

  5. Iceweasel ESR für Squeeze und Wheezy – Kein Support mehr für 3.6 « Says:

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  6. Cae Says:

    glandium: Thanks for the clarification. Been using your releases all along without a single glitch; a pity this isn’t available via Debian stable repo. Thanks again for the good work.

  7. Joshua Dubois Says:

    thanks for providing Iceweasel updates.

  8. Question about Iceweasel Says:

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  9. richard Says:

    hello ,

    on your site it is said:

    Support for oldstable (Squeeze) will not go further than version 24.

    but why can i only install version 10 via backports then?