apt-get remove nspluginwrapper

Finally, it happened: the infamous nspluginwrapper is not needed to use the proprietary flash plugin on amd64. Get your plugin from adobe themselves. It’s supposedly alpha quality, but it really can’t be worse than having nswrapper.bin either eating your cpu or crashing, or only seeing a grey area instead of flash content.

2008-11-17 20:57:19+0900


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5 Responses to “apt-get remove nspluginwrapper”

  1. Marius Gedminas Says:

    When you use nspluginwrapper and Flash crashes, you see a gray area. When you don’t use nspluginwrapper and Flash crashes, it brings down the whole Firefox process with it.
    I think that’s worse.

  2. directhex Says:

    Except NSPluginWrapper itself crashes more than the Flash it contains, and that DOES bring down the browser

  3. foo Says:

    apt-get install swfdec-mozilla mozilla-plugin-gnash

  4. glandium Says:

    Marius: except gray area doesn’t happen when flash crashes. It happens… randomly. On youtube video you even get sound when that happens… And then, sometimes, reloading the web page makes it work again. When flash, or the wrapper itself, crashes, it’s a blank area…

  5. gebi Says:

    yea having flash in a seperat process which you can just kill without disturbing firefox is clearly a bonus, NOT something that should be removed!

    so, it’s far worse to have flash within firefox…