Installing Iceweasel 5.0a2 on Debian GNU/Linux

  • Go to the Debian Mozilla Team page.
  • Select the Debian version you are running, "Iceweasel" and the version, "5.0".
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Profit.

Only amd64 and i386 packages are available. Note that there is another Iceweasel "version" available there: "aurora". Currently, this is the same as "5.0", but whenever Firefox 5.0 will reach the beta stage, "aurora" will be 6.0a2. Please feel free to use "aurora" if you want to keep using these pre-beta builds.

2011-05-02 19:00:42+0900


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20 Responses to “Installing Iceweasel 5.0a2 on Debian GNU/Linux”

  1. Sylvain Says:

    That’s very good stuff.

    Do these builds (5.0 and aurora) benefit from your recent work to make firefox faster on linux? (

  2. glandium Says:

    Sylvain: no.

  3. Tshepang Lekhonkhobe Says:

    I see xulrunner-5.0 (for squeeze-backports) depends on a version of libnss3-1d that is not available in Squeeze.

  4. Iceweasel 5 Alpha Packages | Debmoo Says:

    […] Hommey, maintainer of Iceweasel and Icedove in Debian, blogs about a package archive maintained by the Debian Mozilla team where you can find the latest […]

  5. glandium Says:

    Tshepang: Should be fixed, now.

  6. Axel Beckert Says:

    Hi Mike,

    thanks for all your work on Mozilla packaging!

  7. bubo Says:

    hey Debian Mozilla Team!

    5.0 works like a charm – thanks a lot for providing this repo.
    feels like the days of buggy flash-plugins are nearly over! ;)

    kind regards bubo

  8. MHOOO Says:

    Hello There!

    Is there some way to obtain ubuntu packages for xulrunner 5.0?

  9. Victor Pablos Ceruelo Says:

    dear Debian Mozilla Team,
    5.0 works like a charm, but I can not find localization package (for those that do not speak english). Is it in some repository?

  10. Bernhard Schulte Says:

    Hi Mike,
    off topic: The MDC search plug-in hasn’t been working for years. Their search backend is totally whacked. Pls unbundle from Iceweasel.


  11. glandium Says:

    Bernhard: there is no MDC search plugin bundled in iceweasel.

    Victor: not yet unfortunately.

  12. nightuser Says:

    Victor: Localization from Firefox works fine.
    1. Install YOUR_LANGUAGE.xpi from (i686) OR (x86_64)
    2. Open “about:config” (without quotes) in Iceweasel
    3. Find “general.useragent.locale” and change it from “en-US” to “YOUR_LANGUAGE”

    For Aurora:

  13. nightuser Says:

    Typo. for x86-64 5.0

  14. glandium Says:

    nightuser: I fixed the x86_64 url in your message. You actually only need step 1 if your system locale is the same as the one you download.

  15. Iceweasel 5.0 freigegeben « Says:

    […] 24.06.2011 Im Blog des Debian Paketverwalters für Iceweasel und Icedove konnte ich heute den Tipp lesen, wie man ganz […]

  16. Marcin Says:

    Am I doing something wrong or newest version on Debian Mozilla Team page. is 3.6.

    Has numbering changed or something else happened, but I cannot get anything newer then this ancient shit

  17. glandium Says:

    Marcin: see

  18. Eduardo Says:

    But, would it be too hard to package the iceweasel-l10n-* as the main distribution does?

    While one could go get the xpi files, it’d be a lot easier to install the localization packages as we are used to …

    I’ve been trying to find a way to contact the team, I’m ready to help with those localization packages. Anybody knows how to reach them?

  19. nightuser Says:

    Also, it is possible to install iceweasel-l10n- from sid. For example, . In my opinion, it’s better than installing xpi.

  20. Ferran Jorba Says:

    Thanks for the idea of installing the localization .deb packages from sid. It worked for me just fine.

    I’ve also seen that AdBlock also can be installed this way (taken from

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