Xulrunner 1.9beta4 approaching experimental

It’s been a while I’ve not talked about my packages. I’ve been preparing a xulrunner trunk upload for a while now, and I must say that while I’m not totally happy with evolutions in Mozilla codebase, I do appreciate that a significant amount of the patches we were applying have been applied upstream. And even more will be applied when Firefox 3.0beta5 is released. I even got patches that were not in Debian to be applied. Thanks have to go to Reed Loden for all this.

Another nice thing on Mozilla trunk is that they finally stopped patching sqlite, which means we can now have Mozilla linked against the system one. It is even more important now that libnss uses sqlite, too.

And now that we have libcairo 1.5 in experimental, and recent enough nss and nspr in unstable (uploaded a few days ago, creating some mess with iceweasel, iceape and xulrunner), we have all the necessary bits to have (most of) the bundled libraries replaced by system ones.

The sad thing is they did implement APNG (animated png) in their bundled libpng, so, to have APNG support, we need to either patch libpng or use the bundled one. I’ll see if I can just disable APNG for the moment.

I hope to be able to upload the package to experimental on saturday or sunday, based on the firefox 3.0pre4 codebase. Iceweasel should follow a few days later.

2008-03-13 20:53:58+0900


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3 Responses to “Xulrunner 1.9beta4 approaching experimental”

  1. Sam Says:

    Can you explain the relationship between xulrunner and the Prism (formerly WebRunner) project? I would be interested in hearing that from the perspective of a DD.

    Also, how cool would it be to have system utilities done in XUL. Like a debconf editor!

  2. pabs Says:

    Have they sent the APNG patch to the libpng upstream? If not, perhaps the Debian libpng maintainer could add it to the Debian package, or forward it upstream perhaps.

  3. glandium Says:

    Sam: Webrunner was nothing more than a pretty simple xulrunner application. I guess prism is exactly the same.

    Pabs: libpng upstream refused APNG support, and the PNG Group has rejected tha APNG “standard”: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=