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Preventing comment spam

If you’re a blogger, and have a comment enabled blogging system, you probably already experienced comment spam, which is intended to use the blog effect to boost the spammer’s pagerank.

Here is a proposal from Google, apparently seconded by Yahoo and MSN, as to how prevent the pagerank boosting effect. Sounds a good and simple idea.

2005-01-19 20:54:33+0900

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Last meme

Current meme on Planet Debian, test how loser, how nerd and how weird we are.

I am 54% loser. I am nerdier than 58% of all people. My Weird Quotient is 100.

So, it seems I’m normal, not that nerdy ; only a bit weird, but that’s no surprise.

2005-01-17 19:21:21+0900

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Copyright / Trademark / DMCA Infringment ?

What do you think can happen when dumb american lawyers try to threaten swedish with charges over copyright, trademarks and DMCA infringement ?

Well, the swedish just answer them to go play around with their sphincter.

2005-01-17 18:45:16+0900

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It’s getting better…

… much better. I first thought 2005 would be a really really bad year, but the last days proved I was totally wrong. 2005 is going to be the year. The best of my life.

2005-01-13 19:19:42+0900

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A bit late, but I wish all my readers (my reader ?) a happy new year 2005. I hope mine will be get greater with time, it’s a bit depressing at the moment, though the two first days were the greatest ever.

Yes, there has been no blog entry for more than a month, mostly due to lack of motivation, which was, in turn, due to a succession of real life issues. Though this stuff is not over yet, I’m now back in France with much more time to think and type, so I guess this site will be moving a bit more soonish.

Time for resolutions for 2005 :

  • 美希との約束を守るように。
  • Avoid to put myself into impossible situations. I have enough to deal with the current one.
  • Avoid to gain back the 15 kilos I lost in Japan.
  • Get a decent job.
  • Finish to learn those 1945 “official” kanjis.

2005-01-08 10:23:42+0900

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