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That is so typical from you Daniel. 2 sentences, no argument… and comments closed. Just brilliant.

2005-08-28 22:03:00+0900

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Preventing comment spam

If you’re a blogger, and have a comment enabled blogging system, you probably already experienced comment spam, which is intended to use the blog effect to boost the spammer’s pagerank.

Here is a proposal from Google, apparently seconded by Yahoo and MSN, as to how prevent the pagerank boosting effect. Sounds a good and simple idea.

2005-01-19 20:54:33+0900

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Copyright / Trademark / DMCA Infringment ?

What do you think can happen when dumb american lawyers try to threaten swedish with charges over copyright, trademarks and DMCA infringement ?

Well, the swedish just answer them to go play around with their sphincter.

2005-01-17 18:45:16+0900

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Boot poster challenge (2)

Some great progress has been made on the boot process time chart, and on solutions to get it much faster (on Fedora Core, but that could be tried on any other distribution). I must say I’m kinda surprised by the huge amount of data read at boot time…

I’m also curious to see what kind of speed-ups could be done by twicking all kernel-related boot-time things, such as modules loading and hardware probing. I guess if all modules were loaded so that they don’t have to probe for the hardware (it doesn’t change that much, you know), it would also improve the boot speed…

Read more….

2004-11-30 20:56:48+0900

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Ne lâchez pas, les gars

Les informaticiens de chez Schneider Electric sont en grêve. Leur revendication ? Ne pas se faire enc*ler.

Tenez le coup, et montrez aux informaticiens français qu’il faut qu’ils arrêtent de fournir eux même le gravier qui sert à les enc*ler.

Il serait temps que l’informatique française soit correctement syndicalisée, et c’est un grand pas en avant qui vient d’être fait. Tous ensemble !

Update [2004-12-01 18:53:33+0900]: le gravier vous a été offert par la CFDT.

2004-11-30 20:56:45+0900

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I see dead browsers

When Gary Schare, Director of Windows Product Management at Microsoft, talks about Internet Explorer and Firefox, I can’t resist but to think IE is dead meat.

And when Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe, comments on the issue, I can’t think something else than “that’s so true”. And even, the browser history has proven that Microsoft didn’t care that much not breaking stuff with newer versions (well, actually, that does apply to other software from Redmond too).

2004-11-28 12:02:16+0900

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Any problem with IE ?

Well, you should switch to Firefox, then, even Microsoft tells you so.

Screenshot for the record

2004-11-21 21:22:11+0900

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News from Middle Earth

OSGILIATH (Reuters) – Mordor Corp. warned Middle Earth kingdoms on Thursday they could face the wrath of Orc armies for harbouring and aiding Gandalf and his fellowship of hobbits instead of rightfully bowing to the will of Sauron. […]

Read more on slashdot.

2004-11-19 16:57:39+0900

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Sorry ? Not sorry ?

Sorry, not sorry, not sorry either, obviously not sorry ; all this is becoming ridiculous.

2004-11-15 20:59:39+0900

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Boot poster challenge

XP boots in an amount of time significantly lower. BeOS booted in a few seconds. What the hell is making Linux distros boot time so loooong ?

Read more in this thread.

2004-11-14 21:10:30+0900

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