A new world of possibilities is opening up

Account created for myaddress<at>glandium.org with hg_mozilla and mg_mozsrc bits enabled.

Yes, this means I now have commit access on hg.mozilla.org. Thanks to those who vouched for me, namely Justin Wood, Christian Biesinger and Benjamin Smedberg.

And thanks to the Mozilla governance for having changed the commit access requirements just in time for me to take advantage of the new ones: under the old rules, it was required that the vouching superreviewer had never reviewed a patch from the person applying for commit access. Of the 31 superreviewers, 14 (almost half of them) already had reviewed one or more patches from me (which is not really unexpected, considering the number of patches I sent in the past).

One could wonder why I never applied for access earlier, though.

2010-04-19 23:21:57+0900

firefox, xulrunner

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5 Responses to “A new world of possibilities is opening up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations, you certainly deserve it.

  2. zack Says:

    Woha, very very cool!, congrats. Now you can work even more on iceweasel and friends, for the benefits of all Debian users :-)

    (kudos for your maintenance work)

  3. Stephen Donner Says:

    Welcome; awesome to see a slew of your patches land :-)

  4. Riku Voipio Says:

    Congrats :) Looks like Debian has a less icy relationship with mozilla in future. Will you get your blog aggregated on planet.mozilla.org as well?

  5. Adam Says:

    recently saw a few commits with your name on mozilla central. This is awesome!

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