Firefox 2.0b1 in experimental

After quite some work on packaging it, Firefox 2.0b1 is finally being uploaded to experimental.

It is linked to the system libmyspell instead of the bundled one, and can use system dictionaries like Thunderbird already does. I'm also working on using the system libsqlite3, but it first requires some build changes in the debian sqlite3 package and some more work to see if it's really feasible... you see, they like to take external libraries and modify them so much as adding symbols, changing some internals... and these changes only exist in the mozilla codebase... (the 2 main examples of that being expat and sqlite3)

It also includes a working DOM Inspector which upstream didn't include in their release because they are in the process of moving the component in the core.

I also had to fix some more the build system so that some things would be installed by make install (they tend to forget it), others would just be installed (mistakenly removed rules...) or make clean would do its work: cleaning (they tend to forget to flag files for removal when they create it in a Makefile). All that makes me wonder what their review/super-review thing is worth.

Anyways, please give it a try, especially if you reported a bug on earlier versions, it would be helpful if you closed bugs that are fixed by this release (don't forget the 'Version:' in the closing message so that the BTS version tracking would do its work).

Update: Upstream Firefox 2.0b1 has a working DOM Inspector. It only appears it just doesn't build correctly the way we build Firefox... might be some missing changes to the Makefiles. Again. *sigh*

Update 2: It was trickier: missing something to make the inspector symbols public instead of having a hidden visibility...

Update 3: It was actually my fault. /me goes hiding under a rock. And I managed to remove a comment to this post when removing spam... *sigh*. I think I need to take a break.

2006-07-21 08:38:52+0900


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