Sad reality

One of the major changes in the latest xulrunner upload was to enable a great part of the test suite.

The result is stunning: crashes on alpha, armel, powerpc and sparc.

Update: Also failed on mips. (though interestingly, it worked on mipsel)

2010-02-03 08:05:09+0900


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3 Responses to “Sad reality”

  1. Franklin Piat Says:

    That’s a sad reality, but a good news, because the issue is now known [thus it can be fixed].

  2. tth Says:

    VAXocentrism not dead !

  3. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Yeah, we have very few people who regularly build on non-Intel processors, and even fewer who run the testsuite. It’s awesome that it’s part of your automated builds now!

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