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I’m currently working on a way to display japanese characters on web pages, on a computer where japanese fonts are not installed. It involves a server-side image generator for glyphs, for which I needed the .ttf files for appropriate fonts, like kochi-mincho.

So, i just apt-get installed ttf-kochi-mincho, and it told me it wanted to install a bunch of stuff I don’t care about. I ended getting the .ttf files directly from the sourceforge site… I don’t want to clutter my server with X packages.

The question is: why do fonts need to depend on xutils (not all but quite some) and defoma (all of them, apparently). Couldn’t they just recommend defoma and run the font registration thingy only if it is present ? If not present, nothing would be lost, since defoma’s installation would trigger font registration. On the other hand, I don’t understand nor see why some need xutils at all…

2006-02-14 20:50:53+0900


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  1. LGB Says:

    Ehhh … The idea was also considered by me, when I want to write Klingon ( with original alphabet (I bet klingon font is not installed on too many computers). So I decided to use server side scripting (PHP …) to render stuffs. However it’s quite ugly. Why not introduce a ‘web font’ specificitation? I mean putting eg true type fonts on the web server and let browsers to download and use for that page (it would be specified like stylesheets for example). Is there anything similar to this?

  2. kmuto Says:

    I’ve already reported it to maintainer gotom at #348962 of ttf-sazanami-gothic. But he looks busy or forgotten at this time. I’ll pick him again :)