Gripes with Firefox

Martin said:

Firefox and seem to be two flagship products of the F/OSS world. At the same time, they are probably the two best examples of programmes orthogonal to the Unix philosophy. Does that mean that the Unix philosophy is the wrong way? Holy Shit!

No, Martin, that doesn’t mean anything about the Unix philosophy. It only means Windows developers don’t have a clue about Unix.

2006-02-14 19:14:05+0900


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2 Responses to “Gripes with Firefox”

  1. dwp Says:

    It also (unfortunately) means Unix developers don’t have a clue about office suites or web browers.

  2. madjo Says:

    Is there really just 1 way? Could it just be that both philosophies get some things right, and some things wrong? The world is not black and white, why should the F/OSS philosophy?