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I’ve been dealing with some open source projects in the past, submitting patches and stuff, but dealing with is really a hassle. You never really know what to do at what moment. They even admit that it’s not easy… And I’m not even talking about how bugzilla is a pain in the ass.

But this is the first time I’ve been asked to actually find a submitter myself.

I already sent patches that actually did land in the CVS without me requesting anything. So what’s the difference ? That it’s a feature request instead of a bug ?

What about my other patches ?

2005-11-05 09:31:20+0900

firefox, xulrunner

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One Response to “Dealing with”

  1. Chris Cunningham Says:

    Seeing as you’ve got a solid patch history I’d be surprised if you were turned down if you mailed and asked for checkin rights. That would save you from the usual pantomime that other occasional submitters go through to get things landed.

    • Chris