PSA: Firefox Nightly now with experimental Wayland support

As of last nightly (20181115100051), Firefox now supports Wayland on Linux, thanks to the work from Martin Stransky and Jan Horak, mostly.

Before that, it was possible to build your own Firefox with Wayland support (and Fedora does it), but now the downloads from come with Wayland support out of the box for the first time.

However, being experimental and all, the Wayland support is not enabled by default, meaning by default, you’ll still be using XWayland. To enable wayland support, first set the GDK_BACKEND environment variable to wayland.

To verify whether Wayland support is enabled, go to about:support, and check “WebGL 1 Driver WSI Info” and/or “WebGL 2 Driver WSI Info”. If they say something about GLX, Wayland support is not enabled. If they say something about EGL, it is. I filed a bug to make it more obvious what is being used.

It’s probably still a long way before Firefox enables Wayland support on Wayland by default, but we reached a major milestone here. Please test and report any bug you encounter.

Update: I should mention that should you build your own Firefox, as long as your Gtk+ headers come with Wayland support, you’ll end up with the same Wayland support as the one shipped by Mozilla.

2018-11-16 10:42:08+0900


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8 Responses to “PSA: Firefox Nightly now with experimental Wayland support”

  1. Hashim Warren Says:

    What’s Wayland?

  2. glandium Says:

    @Hashim Warren: a replacement for X11 on Linux/*BSD/…

  3. Roman Says:

    when asking for a master password, it doesn’t show input fields

  4. bool3max Says:

    @Roman Yeah, same here..

  5. Ludovic Says:

    I got my prompt.

  6. Thaodan Says:

    So its no longer needed to enable cairo-gtk to support wayland?

  7. Iourine Says:

    Great news… Will there finally be native Mobile Firefox for Sailfish OS (which is Wayland-based) ? Even an alpha version would be a great relief.

  8. AzP Says:

    This is something we’ve been waiting for, for years. Great news, keep up the good work! I hope there is some priority regarding the stabilization of the Wayland support, so it will soon be deemed “first class citizen”.