Attempting to close a LinkedIn account

Following the trend, I attempted to close my LinkedIn account. Closing a LinkedIn account involves confirming and confirming and confirming again. Once it’s all done, you’d expect to, well, be done with it.

I’m outraged at the result:

  • My public profile is still there. I can’t be sure but I guess people with a connection to me can still see the full profile.
  • I’m still receiving LinkedIn connection emails (You, know, those “Learn about xxxxxxx, your new connection…” emails ; I must have had pending outgoing invitations).
  • I can still reset my password.
  • I can still login.

The only upside is that after I login, I can only see a page saying “Your LinkedIn account has been temporarily restricted”. “Contact our customer service team to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Update: After contacting their customer service, the account was closed and the public profile is now unavailable.

2012-06-09 14:52:53+0900

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8 Responses to “Attempting to close a LinkedIn account”

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  2. bastiaan Says:

    I haven’t had any of the trouble you mentioned. After closing the account, I can no longer login, nor is my profile visible anywhere except search engine cache. I have not received any email since, not even a conformation of the account closure.

    My guess is you hit a bug in the account closure system and you might contact LinkedIn about it.

  3. Jani Monoses Says:

    Maybe they are a bit more cautious to prevent someone with stolen passwords permanently closing down compromised accounts?

  4. Caspy7 Says:

    @Jani++ This was my thought.

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  6. Frank Ch. Eigler Says:

    “Following the trend….” ?

    Heck, create a new trend that makes linkedin shareholders happy: create dummy accounts.

  7. bastiaan Says:

    As it turns out I have exactly the same experience as you do. Although the first few days after closing my account I was unable to use it, it seems LinkedIn has now reopened it.

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