ERROR: This RRD was created on other architecture

I can’t believe we still have such things in widespread software in 2009… But it happened to me on the BTS graphs I kind of maintain on people.d.o. It so happens that ravel was upgraded to Lenny, and switched from x86 to x86-64 in the process…

Also, it’s nice to see, once again, that the mailing list specially created to announce such changes, namely, debian-infrastructure-announce (which I still believe is useless as such announces should go to d-d-a) got no notification of this change…

2009-02-28 11:41:09+0900


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3 Responses to “ERROR: This RRD was created on other architecture”

  1. cstamas Says:

    Afaik you can dump its contents to an xml file and import back.

  2. phignuton Says:

    cstamas is completely correct. Be aware that the resulting files are very large, but if you have sufficient hard drive space, it’s easily done “rrdtool dump” in a for loop.

  3. bzed Says:

    Yeah, that’s a bug in the upstream bug tracker since years… Unfortunately nobody thought about taking care of it yet.