ADSL woes

For 10 days now, I've had ADSL problems. Basically, there is something fishy somewhere between my end and the DSLAM. That can be anything, and for the moment, all I can do is wait for either my ADSL provider or France Telecom, whichever is responsible for the problem, to fix this. Anyways, my network connectivity is sometimes working (though quite slowly, especially on uploads), but more often not, with sometimes connectivity for a few seconds (enough to download small files or pop mail).

The server being behind this ADSL line, it means that you're probably not able to see this post. Or maybe a feed-reader/planet/whatever got it while the line was somehow working. Note I've been able to setup another MX server, so that mail sent to my domain go somewhere I can fetch them. Don't worry about sending me messages, they will reach me. Just that it may take time for me to be able to see and/or answer them.

Anyways, the main downside is that it makes it harder to handle the upcoming xulrunner transition.

On the other hand, the upside is that I finally could take some time to work on ext3rminator again, basically rewriting the code from scratch for reasons I'll explain when it will be ready for a release. It's good to see that some new APIs in libext2fs, added since 2002~2003, when I first wrote ext3rminator, make some of the work easier. It's still sad there is nothing to handle reading the journal. Not that it's difficult (though not documented much), but that would downsize my code some more ;).

Update: It seems to be back to normal.

2008-06-08 16:39:56+0900

ext3rminator, p.d.o, website, xulrunner

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