WebKit on the rocks

I’m preparing a new upload for WebKit, which will be targetted at unstable. It is much easier to deal with than Gecko, fortunately, so it won’t take several months to get something in shape. The main “difficulties” here is that I’m dropping the Qt WebKit package, since this will be provided along Qt, and the upstream build system for the Gtk port switched from qmake to autotools, which is not a really bad thing ; so, nothing impossible.

Note that switching to autotools also means using libtool, which means no way to use -Wl,–as-needed anymore :-/. Yes, libtool, by trying to be smart, puts it almost at the last position in the arguments list, making it useless.

ACID3 in new GtkLauncher

2008-04-07 07:55:21+0900


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2 Responses to “WebKit on the rocks”

  1. Np237 Says:

    There is a very ugly way to get –as-needed to work with libtool, which consists in patching ltmain.sh on top of any other patches.

  2. schmichael Says:

    Thanks for packaging it! I’m very excited to use Epiphany+WebKit and have used the current version in unstable a bit.