More graphs for the Debian Bug Tracking System

I have been maintaining Debian Bug Tracking System graphs for a few years, now, though not very actively. They initially were available on, but there have been some recent changes.

A while ago, I started experimenting with brand new graphs on, and when merkel was announced to be dying a few months ago, I got in touch with the QA team to know what to do with them, and it was decided we'd put them on I unfortunately didn't follow up much on this and only recently actually worked on the migration, which took place 2 weeks ago.

The result is that the graphs have officially moved to, and links on the Package Tracking System have been updated accordingly. There is now also an additional graph tracking all open bugs in the BTS, across all packages:

Today, I added a new feature, allowing to consolidate data for multiple arbitrary packages in a single graph. Such graphs can be generated with the following URL scheme (please don't over-abuse of it):,name1,name2,etc.png

As an example, here is a graph for all the bugs on the packages I (co-)maintain:,diggler,iceape,iceweasel,libxml2,libxslt,livehttpheaders,mozilla-dom-inspector,nspr,nss,pyxpcom,venkman,vmfs-tools,webkit,xulrunner,zfs-fuse.png

And here are the bugs affecting Mozilla-related packages:,icedove,iceowl,iceweasel,nspr,nss,xulrunner.png

I guess the next step is to allow per-maintainer consolidation through URLs such as

Update: per-maintainer consolidation has been added.

(Hidden message here: please help triaging these bugs)

2011-03-05 14:21:31+0900


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6 Responses to “More graphs for the Debian Bug Tracking System”

  1. Olivier Berger Says:

    Would be curious to see same curve scaled by number of packages, to see the correlation between number of packages added and numbers of bugs added… would the curve diminish or still grow ?

  2. Jan Dittberner Says:

    I added the by maintainer graph link to the DD Portfolio Service at

  3. Raphaël Hertzog Says:

    Heh, can you add a link to the per-maintainer consolidation to in the “Bugs” line at the top?

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  5. » DPN n.4 Debianizzati.Org Says:

    […] Hommey ha aggiunto diverse nuove funzionalità ai grafici del sistema di tracciamento dei bug di Debian. Oltre ai grafici relativi al singolo pacchetto, è ora possibile avere dati di vari pacchetti […]

  6. tushar Says:

    Hi, thank you for this post very useful information and clear graphical explanation I like the new feature, allowing to consolidate data for multiple arbitrary packages in a single graph. Such graphs can be generated.

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