Dear lazyweb

I would like to replace my current blog with a system that mostly generates static pages, with support for comments. I’d like it to take files as input for blog posts (I’d like to store them in git), instead of database tables, and to have a flexible markup language (flexible in that it’d allow to customize the HTML output), and flexible templates.

Ikiwiki might come close to that, though I haven’t looked into details. Dear lazyweb, would you know other software that’d fulfill my needs, or come close?

2011-01-16 10:12:53+0900

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17 Responses to “Dear lazyweb”

  1. geeknik Says:

    Check these out:

    Hopefully one of these will suit your needs. =)

  2. geeknik Says:

    I left one more out…


  3. RichiH Says: is also nice.

    A problem with both Chronicle and ikiwiki is that that neither supports properly.

  4. Kamil Says:

    Never tried werc, but I use lots of other suckless software daily and I love their philosophy.

    Not sure about comments. is using werc as a wiki, and they just allow the general public to push into their HG repository.

  5. Helmut Says:

    Technically nanoblogger (Debian package available) would meet your requirements. Posts are stored in plain text files with markup processing, that allows html editing (if you choose the right engine). Addons for comments exist (I have not checked them out). Being a fat pile of shell scripts it is sometimes difficult to see origins of problems. Trying to customize the blog’s layout or structure can cause frustration when working with those shell scripts. Compiling the blog takes notiecable time even for small (test) blogs.

    It would be cool if further comments could include some experience with the named engine.

  6. josch Says:

    • generates static html
    • mako templates to create whatever html layout you want
    • categories and tags
    • seamless git integration
    • no database but blog entries written in markdown, textile, restructed text…
    • disqus for comments
  7. Marius Gedminas Says:

    I use PyBlosxom, which can do all that, but is a bit painful to set up.

    Blogofile is getting a lot of buzz these days. I’d definitely check it out if I hadn’t already sunk all that time and effort into setting up PyBlosxom.

    The blogs I’ve seen using ikiwiki did not impress me.

  8. dave dash Says:

    On the suggestion of two of my mozweb coworkers I switched wordpress to jekyll.

    Jekyll has good support and is what github uses for github pages.

  9. John Eikenberry Says:

    I’ve been looking into these types of setups myself. One that looked decent that hasn’t been mentioned yet is nanoc;

    Not using it myself, I’m writing my own, but I liked the way it worked.

  10. Jon Says:

    You’ve answered your own question :-) ikiwiki does all of that. Give it a closer look!

    It’s in a different league to blosxom and its clones.

  11. jordi Says:

    Marius, setting up Pybloxsom is really easy these days, with pyblosxom-cmd.

    Templates are easily modifiable, can generate static pages, does comments and so on.

    The Debian package is not always up to date, though.

  12. Paul Rouget Says:

    On my blog ( I use this:

    And for the comments.

  13. Ben Finney Says:

    I want to use but it currently has no Debian package.

  14. Karsten Heymann Says:

    There also is hyde, a python port of jekyll:

  15. Val Says:

    One more, Frank:

  16. plaes Says:

    Check out this:

  17. Gui13 Says:

    Pelican, look for it on Git.

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