Buildd network for QA or experimentations ?

I often see people posting on planet.d.o, or on some list, talking about how they rebuilt the whole archive to test whether X or Y. Don’t you think it would be useful to have a somewhat buildd network to do such experiments or QA testing ? Or at least some infrastructure that would make it easy to do ?

For instance, I would like to do some build testing of the whole archive, with hooked dh_strip and whatever else could be necessary, so that it can be determined how many packages follow recommendations on policy 10.1 about debugging symbols. Problem is I am far from having enough resources to do this…

Update : Actually, it would probably be enough to check the result of builds with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip

2007-08-05 09:37:45+0900


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  1. jd:/dev/blog Says:

    Implementing Debian policy check with rebuildd…

    After reading Mike Hommey’s idea about buildd network for QA testing, I decided to try to implement the 10.1 policy recommendations check using rebuildd….