One not so great thing about free software developers

is that more than one are likely to have the same crazy ideas.

When I started to play with xulrunner, which according to my oldest post in the xulrunner category would be near 2 years ago, I had this crazy idea (and here, when I say crazy, I almost think dumb) that it would be neat to have a window manager based on libxul, being able to display both “native” windows and XUL or HTML windows.

Indeed, it would be neat, as in web-2.0-hype or i-can-use-gmail-directly. But that would be so much impossible to secure, and introduce so many different new ways to compromise users…

Guess what… It now exists.

Update: Waw, the GUADEC keynote slides are really full of crap. My favorite ones are about “The Fox” : Good engineering practices and Small, extensible core.

2007-07-19 19:58:30+0900

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4 Responses to “One not so great thing about free software developers”

  1. Tyln Sylverwind Says:

    Sweet. So now I can hog down system resources with fancy, poorly optimized interfaces. Then I can download Flash eye-candy to bring excitement to my system by way of crunching my processor and clouding the bandwidth over my FSB, since we all know how wonderfully unoptimized those binaries are on the Linux platform.

    I am sure that I will be upgrading immediately to the Pyro desktop shell, especially on my older machines that could really use a boost of software technology. Web 3.0 is going to be so great!

  2. Kai Hendry Says:

    Well, I am glad to see they are making the reality check IMO that the “Gnome Linux Desktop” is dead.

    And that the Web is way most things are going.

    However mixing the two like they seem intent on, probably isn’t going to work. So I share your skepticism.

    I think as Desktops go webconverger is good enough for most. :)

  3. pabs Says:

    There is also the SymphonyOS project:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to distribute source, despite being based on Linux & Mozilla stuff.

  4. Natalian » Blog Archive » PIMples Says:

    […] And now judging by the Gnome mobile project, Ubuntu will effectively do the same. I find this so odd and frustrating, especially since Guadec ‘07 keynote was all about how their making their “desktop” more Web integrated. Just use a browser! […]