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A week ago, I started the long overdue task of triaging bugs reported on iceape/mozilla. When I started, the count was 364, duplicated excluded.

I’m still not halfway through the bug list, but already the bug count is down to 263, as of today. That is about a hundred bugs closed or merged. I can’t believe there were still bugs so old but yet not merged to even older occurrences of the same bugs.

Since it is easier to appreciate the effort with nice colors, I started graphing the bug counts for iceape.

Sune Vuorela started some similar things for kde a while ago, so, thinking this could be useful for a whole lot more people than KDE and Mozilla maintainers, I also started graphing the bug counts for all packages. There is not enough backlog to have more than the last week, though. I’m a bit concerned about the fact that the RRD updates take a lot of time and may induce some load on gluck… Please DSA hit me if you want it to be moved elsewhere.

Anyways, back to iceape bugs, the oldest bug I closed was #80787, which was actually fixed as soon as I first uploaded xulrunner a year ago. On the other hand, the oldest I didn’t close is #78654. There are some other winners that I’m amazed they’ve not been treated upstream in the last 6 years.

Now, while I tried to correctly and conveniently tag these oldest bugs, I didn’t take the required amount of time to track them in upstream bugzilla. So if you, dear reader, have a little bit of time, I would really appreciate if you could go through the list of bugs* that are tagged upstream, but not yet forwarded and either find them in upstream bugzilla, or file them if they don’t exist there.

  • strangely enough, the raw=yes argument to the BTS doesn’t seem to work properly. You can get a raw list (with no ordering by status or severity) through the LDAP gateway with the following command line:
    ldapsearch -p 10101 -h bts2ldap.debian.net -x -b dc=current,dc=bugs,dc=debian,dc=org '(&(debbugsSourcePackage=iceape) (debbugsTag=upstream) (!(debbugsState=forwarded)) (!(debbugsState=done)))'

    Note the LDAP query is probably not optimal. You can add debbugsID at the end of the command line if you’re only interested in the bug numbers.

2007-04-30 20:03:00+0900

debian, iceape

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  1. EddyP Says:

    How about making those graphs part of b.d.o? This would be a nice feature together with the icons for tags that sam tested a while back.