Google Keywords – Feb 2007

I think I’m going to make a tradition of this google keywords list that I reinitiated last month. Anyways, here’s the list for February 2007:

“google keywords” – waw, already on the first page for this “i am a dumb ass” – me too “blackout in europe” – that happened “firefox 2 debian package” – you’re looking for iceweasel “mozilla firefox japanese symbols” – it’s called characters, not symbols “rebrand firefox as iceweasel” – not even done yet :( “debian iceweasel replaces firefox” – surprised ? “fucked up resizing partition” – welcome to the club “hobbit debian” – I’m not a hobbit ! “how can i change firefox to iceweasel on kubuntu” – waw, I’m impressed “web 2.0 vs. web 1.0” – not here “bugzilla bts (hate or sucks)” – bts sucks less “cmd to download firefox on ubuntu” – apt-get install ? “i need firefox with debian” – not happening “what is a esx flat file” – basically, a raw disk image “linux ext3 noload option” – does not work as expected “fact about a horse” – persistant…

2007-03-01 08:51:11+0900

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