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I’ve done this exercise a long time ago, but I think last time was before the first post with WordPress. So here it is: my improbable (or not) best of search engines keywords for january (provided by webalizer).

“新年おめでとう” – 明けまして ! “debian fundamentalism” – where ? “asa dotzler troll” – did Blake Ross post here ? “could have agree with you anymore” – all your opinion are belong to you “do i need firefox if i have iceweasel” – firewhat ? “your name in firefox 2” – I know “lifelike androids” – paranoid ones are better “dumb ass” – still ? “blitzer blog” – wrong address “a lot of horse facts” – i don’t know what to say “damage harddisk instantly” – drop your laptop from the 10th floor “iceape vs iceweasel” – none of the above “do you like the american accent” – no “facts about the horse” – what is it with the horse ? “feliz año nuevo happy new year 明けましておめでとう” – Bonne année ! “free mozilla firefox” – as in beer ? “icebrowser community edition” – nice one “normal life” – what is it ? “shake laptop crash hard drive” – shake it the other way “trademark versus copyright”, “trademark vs copyright”, “trademark vs copyright vs gpl”, “trademark vs reserved”, “trademarked and copyrighted logo”, “registered trade mark vs copyright” – ask mozilla, they are knowledgeable “what should stop working” – you “what is a patent” – something I hate (I’ll tell you stories about that soonish) “why does debian call firefox iceweasel”, “why does debian name firefox iceweasel”, “why iceweasel debian instead firefox” – because we can’t call/name it firefox “will flashplayer work with iceweasel” – why not ?

2007-02-05 22:12:45+0900

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3 Responses to “Google Keywords”

  1. Says:

    debian fundamentalism…

    Just found some very nice google words on were things like \"debian fundamentalism\" and \"shake laptop crash hard drive\", people do realy stra…

  2. elbenditu Says:

    Hi, it’s funny all the amount of crap you’ve had to cope with. I’m a debian testing user and since iceweasel hit the distro everything’s been perfect, experiencing not trouble at all. Now I’m sure that it’s been a good decision all the rebrand thing and I only regret the attitude of other distros such as Fedora, OpenSuse and especially Ubuntu that left -but not anymore- in the community the feeling that this issue was only debian-fuss. Hope they step back and join debian in the iceweasel/free-software crusade. Just felt the urge to manifest we support that in big numbers.

    Thanks for your work!

  3. terminous Says:

    Really what is all the fuss about. If a distro decides to change something for the better or worse users will just fix them to their needs anyway. It’s nice to be able to do that! I only use Debian myself and never have any problems. I do on the other hand have to work with Windows servers and workstations all day every day. Try to fix them. It’s harder to rewrite closed code.