Do NOT install iceape release 1.0.7-1

Or, if you really want to, be careful that, if /usr/lib/iceape/chrome is a directory (and not a symbolic link), your working directory is /usr/lib/iceape/chrome, or you will end up with the content of your current directory in /usr/share/iceape/chrome, which may be a big issue if you run apt-get from /.

If /usr/lib/iceape/chrome is a symbolic link, no worry, just ignore this message.

Thank you for your attention, and very sorry :(

Update : That's in such cases that you'd like special crafted tools to rebuild packages without the need to rebuild the whole thing when it comes to just change maintainer scripts (pre/postinst, pre/postrm...). Fortunately, I have pbuilder configured with ccache, but that doesn't help the buildds with their build job.

2007-01-04 21:49:48+0900


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