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Mozilla feature request response time

Eddy has been exposing some of the long standing feature requests for Mozilla. They have a huge record or such requests. My favourites:

And these requests are only a small subset…

On the other hand, I’m amazed the 1.8.1 branch (the one for Firefox 2.0) is ABI compatible with 1.8.0 (Firefox 1.5). I’m currently running epiphany with a pre-release of libxul (coming soon in sid), and it works flawlessly (so far), without rebuilding epiphany. I must say I’m impressed, especially when I look back at how 1.7.x releases were.

2007-05-23 19:28:34+0900

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Mail patterns

A loooong ago, someone on planet debian described mail patterns. What was this one again ?

2007-05-11 08:54:22+0900

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13256278887989457651018865901401704613 is a prime. 13256278887989457651018865901401704671 is the following prime. Between them exists a (allegedly) forbidden number. If you don’t know how to find it it’s 27 more than the first and 31 less than the second. Oops. Edit: Or you could multiply the following primes: 2, 5, 19, 12043, 216493, and 836256503069278983442067 and then multiply by 32.

2007-05-02 20:16:38+0900

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Google Keywords – Apr 2007

“adding the iceweasel branding to firefox windows” – coming soon “asa dotzler sucks” – Blake Ross again ? “booh debian” – apt-get moo “ca passe” – ou ça casse “dumb ass 2” – the return “fix fucked up partition table” – you should try parted “good variables to test” – foo ? bar ? “hate soccer” – me too “i could not agree less” – can’t say disagree ? “plus c’est gros mieux ça passe” – this also applies to what Sarkozy says “shaking laptop while in use” – not convenient to type “us consumer protection versus firefox” – Stella award in progress ?

2007-05-01 19:02:19+0900

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