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Firefox 1.5, branding

Firefox 1.5 has been released by Eric in unstable, with a package name change, thus I provide a new branding package.

As for compatibility with plugins and extensions (#341682 and #342788), the patch is ready and should go in with the next upload. Stay tuned.

2005-12-18 09:55:26+0900

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Firefox 1.5beta1 is out

… and in debian experimental. I get strange segfaults on quit, though… I’ll have to investigate those… I didn’t get them with a CVS checkout from 3 days ago, with the very same build scripts… strange.

I also updated the branding package, for which I missed stuff to make it work with Firefox 1.5beta…


2005-09-09 21:59:22+0900

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Firefox news

In the past few days, there has been some move on the Firefox front in Debian. Eric uploaded the long-waited non-b0rked security update for sarge, and I finally sync’ed the experimental package with all the last changes from unstable.

I made some work on the mozilla-firefox-branding package so that it actually works for both Firefox 1.0 (and supposedly earlier versions) and Deer Park. Though there are regressions (see NEWS.Debian file), it is now much much cleaner and won’t mess up with other extensions as it used to do (it used to behave strange with ctxextensions, leading to a huge (and unuseable) context menu). You can give it a try.

Firefox 1.5 beta 1 has been announced for the 8th, and I already started to pull out the latest trunk to prepare its release. Stay tuned.

2005-09-05 18:52:51+0900

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Mozilla Firefox Branding for Debian

As you may or may not know, the current trademark policy of the Mozilla Foundation makes it impossible for Debian to distribute the official logos and icons for Firefox. The package shouldn’t even be called Firefox, reading this piece of blatant crap.

Anyways, as an individual, I took the right to provide these logos and icons, and create a package that will override the ones installed by the mozilla-firefox package.

The package is called mozilla-firefox-branding, is a pretty bad hack, and is available in my repository. Enjoy.

Update [2004-11-14 16:55:54+0900]: Updated to version 0.2, there was a broken thing in release 0.1.

2004-11-13 23:18:51+0900

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