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Back from Cáceres

I landed roughly an hour ago and am in a taxi on my way back home.

DebConf 9 has been an awesome experience for me. It was actually my very first attendance to a DebConf ever, and I have been please to meet all these people from all around the world (litterally). Putting more than a hackergotchi on so many names I have known for years was great, too. I hope to be able to meet you again in the future.

DebConf 9 has also been a quite productive week for me, being able to allocate some time to things I wanted to do for a long while. And to tackle some bugs, too. You can expect to see more coming in the next weeks, since some of this work is under progress and will need some more to be done to be released in the wild.

DebConf is not only the hacklabs, so I also attended quite a lot of various talks and BoFs, plus some extra activities, too.

We also got some interesting ideas from people attending our (Rene and I) BoF to hopefully get some more people involved in the Mozilla packaging, one of which is to keep the packages orphaned until the team gets enough people. So expect the packages to keep being orphaned, though still technically maintained, and some other things to come in Iceweasel.

Another great happening from DebConf 9 is that Anibal introduced me a venezuelian guy (hi Antonio) who is interested in helping out on Mozilla packages, so we now have a bigger team ! Welcome Antonio !

To conclude, I’d like to give many thanks to all the people I have met and whom I spent some great time with. See you soon, I hope.

Typing this text on a (non-openmoko-but-android) phone took so much time that I am now at home and finished to type on my laptop…

Oh, I forgot. This time, my luggage was in the same plane as me ;)

2009-07-31 22:15:06+0900

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Finally !

My luggage has arrived today (well, technically, yesterday), during the day trip. We are at Debconf day 4, I arrived on day 0, I’m leaving on day 8, that’s what we can call effectiveness…

I won’t have to wash my underwear everyday anymore, and you won’t be seeing me in jeans and same teeshirts (the debconf one everybody got and the apt-get install anarchy I bought on arrival) !

2009-07-28 00:54:20+0900

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Got there, mostly…

I got to Cáceres for my first Debconf… without my luggage. Somehow, it wasn’t in the plane I took to Madrid, so it is somewhere… not with me. According to Air Europe, it is now in Madrid and should be sent here tomorrow.

I already got a Debian T-shirt to alleviate part of the issue.

PS: damn it’s hot in those rooms.

Update: that’ll be arriving tomorrow morning, that is, the day after tomorrow from the original post

2009-07-23 23:50:39+0900

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