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What is a Web App?

Is it this, this or that?

2012-07-20 11:04:59+0900

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Comment spam

Three weeks ago, I slightly modified the comment system on this blog for an experiment. This blog is a standard wordpress installation. Comments are normally directed to the wp-comments-post.php script by the HTML form. What I did is:

  • Create a comments-post.php wrapper script that just includes wp-comments-post.php (this allows things to still work properly after wordpress upgrades),
  • Make the HTML form direct to a comments-post.php script,
  • Add a usedForm=1 parameter to the HTML form action, such that comments-post.php is supposed to always be called with it,
  • Add a simple javascript that adds a hasJS=1 parameter to the HTML form action when the page is loaded, and a Submit=1 parameter when the form is submitted.

During the past three weeks, on this blog, there were 7170 comments, 8 of which were actual comments. 7162 were spam (~99.9%).

  • 3165 spams (~44.1%) were sent to the original WordPress comment handler (wp-comments-post.php) from 1589 unique IP addresses.
  • 0 spam were sent to the new comment handler without a query string (comments-post.php), but 1 was sent with an empty query string (comments-post.php?).
  • 18 spams were sent to the new comment handler with a lowercased query string (comments-post.php?usedform=1) from 6 unique IP addresses.
  • 3971 spams (~55.4%) were sent to the new comment handler with the form query string (comments-post.php?usedForm=1) from 1153 unique IP addresses.
  • 7 spams (~0.1%) were sent to the new comment handler with the full query string, including what is added through javascript (comments-post.php?usedForm=1&hasJS=1&Submit=1) from 5 unique IP addresses.

This means a large portion of spammers didn’t care about actually checking the comment forms and used the standard wordpress url, and another large portion don’t run javascript on their bots, although a very few do.

2012-07-15 11:35:54+0900

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