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Rebuilding libxul made slightly easier, finally

One of the longstanding problems when modifying code in the mozilla code base, is that when you change some file under e.g. content/, and you don’t want to waste the whole lot of time it takes to run a complete make -f, you need to build under content/, then layout/build/, and finally toolkit/library/. And you need to remember that (or use tools that remember for you).

These days are finally over. After several attempts a year ago (!), and again several attempts during the past weeks, bug 644608 is finally on mozilla-central and is likely to stick, this time. There may be some corner cases, in which case please file bugs.

Anyways, Now, you just need to build under e.g. content/ and toolkit/library/. No need to rebuild layout/build/ anymore.

2012-04-12 19:41:53+0900

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