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The Windows way

Imagine an application that writes in its application directory, and if it fails to write there, write in a user profile directory.

Imagine a wide-spread operating system where the default settings allow any user to write almost anywhere on the file system.

Enjoy the result (Comment #7 gives a good overview of the problem).

2006-03-22 16:54:01+0900

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What kind of language is that ?

Consider the following code :

for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++) { var j = i; } alert(i + ' ' + j);

That’s javascript. It gives “20 19”. Would you expect that from a decent language ?

Update: Same result with a var j = 0; before the for loop. No surprise, actually.

Update 2: It seems what I’m complaining about has not been well received ;). I’m not complaining about the values, I’m complaining about the fact that there are values…

2006-03-11 19:20:42+0900

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