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Back to normal life, step #1

I signed today my working contract for British Telecom France. A bit more than a month to find a job, it’s pretty fast. Okay, I cheated, I’m going back in the company I quit to go to Japan, though British Telecom had not taken over control at that moment. My first working day will be on wednesday. End of the holidays.


2005-02-14 19:55:42+0900

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Woohoo !

This is it ! Accounts have been created, I’m now officially a Debian Developper !

Many thanks to Josselin Mouette, my advocate and sponsor for quite some packages, Wilmer Van Der Gaast, my AM, Graham Wilson and Ardo van Rangelrooij, who sponsored my uploads for libxml2, libxslt and libxml, Sebastian Ley, who sponsored my uploads for ipw2200, Joerg Jaspert, who sponsored my uploads for kxmleditor before I orphan it, and Eric Dorland, who accepted co-maintainance of mozilla-firefox. [And sorry if I forgot to mention someone].

2005-02-03 23:29:56+0900

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